An important consideration when making your tablet purchase is going to be the screen. It’s the only way we have to natively interact with the device, and we want it to be gorgeous, responsive, and snappy. The folks at DisplayMate have compared three of the most sought after 10-inch (ish) tablets for us: The Nexus 10, iPad Air, and Kindle Fire HDX 8.9-inch.

It’s important to note that when comparing pixel density, all three are above the 250ppi threshold. It’s right around that 250 mark that the naked human eye is unable to discern pixels from a reasonable distance, so with resolution, we’re grasping at straws a bit. The iPad Air, however, has the lowest pixel density of the three at 264ppi. The Kindle Fire HDX tops the field with 339ppi, and the Nexus 10 has a smooth 300ppi.

Quality of the screen is also tested, with DisplayMate noting the Kindle Fire HDX and iPad Air having the best quality screen. They applaud color representation on both, as well as the contrast ratios and overall picture quality. These all lead Dispal Mate to say that “with some minor calibration tweaks they both would qualify as studio reference monitors.”

Display power consumption was also tested, with the Kindle Fire HDX once again coming out on top. DisplayMate notes the new screen technology helps to make it the most efficient of the tablets tested, with the iPad Air a close second, and DisplayMate noting it has improved power consumption by 57%. The Nexus 10 once again lags behind, needing 73% more power than the Kindle Fire HDX.

All are still great tablets, and it’s important to note the Nexus 10 is a year old at this point. As with all things mobile tech, a year can make a big difference, so it’s not totally fair to compare it to these two other brand new devices. We’ll hope that, with a refreshed Nexus 10 maybe coming soon, we’ll see this test revisited.

VIA: Android Authority