Remember the Bloxels–that development platform that lets you make your own video game and set up blocks to play on screen? The system is now available for sale. The Kickstarter campaign was a success and the creators managed to raise $68,000 to finally make their project a reality. With this platform, anyone can now make new games just by setting up the cubes into the spaces found in a square area.

The square area is the game board. It’s where you place the cubes that represent different elements. The cubes are available in several colors: red, yellow, green, blue, violet, and white. Each color corresponds to an element within the game. You need to use your imagination because you can do more with the Bloxels. You’ll be surprised with the results of your “game development”. To finally turn the square into a game, take a photo and then upload it to the Bloxels app. There’s no limit to the gaming area because you can attach more game boards.

The Bloxels is one interesting system. It gives non-developers a chance to create something. Game is easy, nothing to complicated or addictive but at least it allows more people to call themselves “developers”. Once in their life, they can be proud and say “Hey, I’ve developed a game. Here it is.”

One Bloxels set costs only $49.95. Get five sets and pay only $200 for the Team Builder 5-pack. For the Classroom 10-pack, a set costs $300, 15-pack is $400, and the Classroom 20-pack is $500. The biggest set already comes with video chat support so you’ll have someone to help once you’re overwhelmed with the Bloxels platform.