Keeper Password Manager is a relatively popular password manager that has been around for 3 years now. The app’s developers have kinda announced some new features coming to the app around the middle of June, but are just now beginning to roll out said features – mainly an auto-fill feature that extends from web logins to mobile app logins, and a secure cloud storage system.

They’re calling the first feature the Keeper FastFill, an improvement to the app’s main password vault system. Theoretically, the app will fill out automatically login credentials that you’ve already used across supported devices and platforms. The cute addition is that it extends to your desktop logins (Keeper has a web app just for that) and it should automatically fill logins across your mobile and desktop work processes. That’s a nice feature to have, as users would expect the mobile app to be centered on the mobile platform only. The cross-platform jump is a huge boost to the app’s capabilities.

The other addition to the app is its cloud storage capabilities – they’re calling it the Keeper Secure File Storage. Aside from the normal backup usage for the cloud storage, this new feature also allows users to share encrypted data with other Keeper users. There is also a new camera mode for the app that encrypts and sends any images you snap with it to the cloud instead of storing them locally. But while the app is free, this feature will cost you – starting at USD$9.99 for 10GB of storage.


These new features certainly add a little bit more sophistication to Keeper, which for the longest time has been treated as bloatware by AT&T subscribers who find it installed on their new phones for some time now. Now there might be an actual reason to keep the app instead of automatically uninstalling it. If you want to take Keeper for a spin, check out the source link.

SOURCE: Google Play Store