A few weeks ago, Karma announced that they were changing their data usage process for their Neverstop subscription plan due to some abusive users. But it looks like they weren’t able to make any headway in customer satisfaction and so they have finally decided to stop the service altogether and go back to the drawing board to create a new one called Pulse. This time there is no throttling, you can connect more devices, and the plans are a bit more flexible.

Some users of Neverstop used the “unlimited data” to download movies or upload huge files on the cloud, leading to clogged networks and slow connection speeds. Karma tried to fix the problem by putting data allocation per user and then throttling their speed when they reach the cap. However, they continued to receive complaints, prompting them to eventually close it down.

Customers now have the option to pre-select a Purse plan or if they do nothing, they will automatically be put on the 5GB plan. They can also choose to discontinue with the service altogether and just move to the subscription-free, pay-as-you-go Refuel. With Pulse, you can choose from three different plans: 5GB ($40/month), 10GB ($75/month), or 20GB ($140/month). You will get speeds of 6-8Mpbs, with peaks of 25Mbps. They promise that there will be “no throttling ever” and that you can connect up to 8 devices.

If you think that you need to add more data, you can add 1GB for $15. And if you’re not able to use the added data, you’ll be credited the difference. You will still earn the $1 credit whenever you share your WiFi connection with others. And those who connect will still be able to get their 100MB data free. Now let’s see if this time around, this Pulse subscription service will work.