When Karma introduced the Neverstop subscription data plan last year, they did not intend that people use it for downloading or video streaming or backing up files into the cloud and all those other data-heavy things we normally do when connected. Some users were racking up hundreds of GBs every month, forcing the company to throttle the speeds up to 1.5Mbps. This became a sore point for some consumers who were using the plan “properly”. Now they are introducing changes to make it fair for everyone.

Starting today, all users will be allocated 15GB of data every month. If they exceed that, you can still be online but the speed is relatively slower, but good enough for using email and chat apps (estimated speed around 64-128kbps). But the good news is that everyone will get the 5Mbps up and down speeds that they initially introduced when Neverstop first came out.

So as of today, each customer’s data usage counter will be reset back to zero today, regardless if you were overusing it or not. And if you use your data responsibly and you have a little left over every month, you earn a $1 credit for every unused GB. Previously, you also got $1 credit when you share your Karma connection with another user (that’s good karma!) and that program is still available.

Karma admits that they made a mistake when they first made their unlimited data model. But if you signed up for the service for that very reason and you’re now unhappy with the 15GB cap, then they’re offering refunds for unhappy customers, including for the Karma Go hotspot device.