While app launchers are ideal to use to easily access frequently used apps, mobile users need that one tool that can allow remote control of different things and activities right on your device. The app has been in testing mode since last year but it’s only now that it’s going out of beta for the general public. App requires a premium but you can try ‘Join’  for free for one whole month. Should you decide to unlock other features, just pay a one time price.

How does this remote app work? You are free respond to a Whatsapp message right from your PC. Notifications received from Windows use the Windows Action Center with the Windows 10 app as a standard. You can also now send SMS messages from any browsers whether on iOS, PC, or Android. For those who frequently use the copy-paste function or the clipboard, you can now share your clipboard between devices automatically or manually.

If you’re the kind who always take down notes or records of transactions, you can write stuff directly on an Android app from any device or PC. You are also free to open a page on another device if you’re always on-the-go. This way, you can continue with reading or browsing on any location.  You can also send files from one device to another.

Other special features include quick screenshots, setting of PC or ANDROID wallpaper easily when you use Chrome, deep tasker integration, and end-to-end encryption to ensure phone is safe and won’t be compromised. It uses Google Drive as to store your personal data and more. With Google Drive, sharing files is also easier because they can be access from the same Drive.

Download Join by joaoapps from the Google Play Store



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