Run Jaybird Wireless Headset

We know Jaybird as a brand that introduces some of the best wireless earphones in the market. We’ve featured a number of pairs already including the Freedom X2, Jaybird X3, and the Freedom Wireless Earbud Headphones. This time around, the brand is introducing the Jaybird RUN and the Jaybird FREEDOM 2. Obviously, the Jaybird RUN is best for those health enthusiasts who like to run around for fitness.

Most physical activities can be less boring if there is music playing. No need for those annoying cables as this new pair of wireless headphones are comfortable and secure. It lasts long up to 12 hours of nonstop music playback and can withstand sweat and some water splash.

The Jaybird RUN comes with a charging case. It was designed together with the athletes and with their needs in mind. Wireless headphones have improved over the years and this pair is one perfect example of a true wireless headphone that comes with no wires but still offer the best quality audio in any situation or environment.

There’s also the Jaybird FREEDOM 2 that is also ideal for the outdoor enthusiasts. It’s the next-gen Freedom wireless sports headphones that offer more comfort and better SpeedFit integrated cord management. You can use this over-ear or under-ear.

FREEDOM 2 with SpeedFit is also sweat-proof. Thanks to a special double hydrophobic nano-coating to protect the pair from your sweat. It works with a compatible app so you can stream music from Spotify. The app is also able to save custom sound profile to the buds for future use.

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