Samsung and popular Rap artist and entrepreneur Jay-Z teamed up to release the musicians brand new Album in a completely new way. As they aim to rewrite the rules in this digital era, they chose to give all Samsung smartphones owners the first chance at the new album. In case you missed it, July 4th it officially became available. And if you own a select Samsung smartphone you can get the entire thing for free, right this moment.

The official Samsung-designed app from the Play Store has been available for a few weeks now, but yesterday the full album was unlocked for everyone to enjoy. Whether you want to listen to one track, read the lyrics (bad words blurred out and all) or even watch behind-the-scenes clips. It’s all available, but we’d suggest you just tap the “download album” and get the entire thing right on your phone.

The unlock and launch was a bit of a mess, with millions trying to access it at one the applications all but froze and stopped working completely. However, now that things have calmed if you have a Galaxy Note II, Galaxy S3, or the new S4 you can get it and start enjoying those beats.

Screen Shot 2013-07-05 at 11.38.45 AM

The app still is a bit of a mess. It freezes often, keeps crashing my Galaxy S 4, and in general is just laggy and quite awful. You’ll want to start it up, agree to the terms, sign in with Facebook or Twitter, then hit the big download button and get the album. It downloads to your internal phone storage in the “Music” folder. And can easily be accessed, shared, or uploaded to Dropbox in minutes.

They were nice enough to offer both the explicit, and clean versions of the new album for download, which was nice. Personally the best part for me was Holy Grail, simply because most of the song is Justin Timberlake. If you’re a Jay-Z fan and want his latest work for free, and happen to own a Galaxy device, get the app from the link below and enjoy the tunes.

VIA: Play Store



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