The popular Jawbone JAMBOX ultra portable speaker just got a major overhaul starting today. If you’ve been wanting some excellent portable sound but wanted to make things personal then Jawbone now has you covered. We’ve been huge fans since the original JAMBOX for the exceptional sound quality and ease of use with Android, and now users can customize their JAMBOX.

Jawbone has just launched their all new site allowing users to completely customize their pattern, colors, and even ends caps all to their liking. I’m personally really digging the cyan blue on silver, or on black. Adding a cyan blue JAMBOX to my Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Nexus 7 (also cyan blue color scheme) really is a nice mix. I’ve been taking my JAMBOX camping for over a year, and now I’ll need a new color.

Jawbone is now offering 13 different grill colors with 4 unique designs, then allowing customers to change the top and bottom rubber end caps in 9 different flavors. You can be as bright and “notice me” as possible, or stick to the standard sleek grey and black finish. We’ve handed out NVIDIA green JAMBOX speakers in the past in our giveaways, but now they are offering a full variety for everyone we figured you’d like to know.

We’ve used some great portable speakers in the past but JAMBOX just has some quality sound. The simplistic user interface and voice guidance is nice for making conference calls and pausing music, and now that they offer multiple options you can find exactly what you’d like. These new color options and combinations are available today for JAWBONE Insider members, or any Klout users, and will be available to general public come August 28th. They are calling this JAMBOX THE REMIX all for the same price as the original, just $199. Let us know what colors you think look the best, or what you’ve ordered yourself.

[via Jawbone]