Jabra has unveiled their latest set of wireless headphones this morning. Or in this case, a set of wireless earbuds. These are the Jabra Rox Wireless earbuds and while there hasn’t been any price details revealed, the folks at Jabra have said these can be expected to arrive in December.

The Jabra Rox earbuds are wireless to the device, though there is a wire that connects the two earbuds. These will connect over Bluetooth and can initially be paired using NFC (or Bluetooth for those without an NFC capable device). Jabra is also touting these are being earbuds with Dolby Digital Plus sound and a battery life of up to 5.5 hours.

In comparison, the Jabra Sport Wireless+ headphones are rated at up to 4 hours of battery life. Part of the battery life for the Rox Wireless earbuds will be with what Jabra is referring to as “exclusive built-in power saving magnets.” These magnets will clip the earbuds together and when connected — they will automatically enter a power-saving mode.


Otherwise, the Rox Wireless earbuds will have an IP52 rating which means they are able to handle some dust and water. Or in other words, these should be good for those out and about — and mean less worry about getting caught in the rain. Jabra has these earbuds listed as weighing in at 18.99 grams.

Similar to other Jabra products, these Rox Wireless earbuds will be working with the Jabra Sound app. The app is free to download, though it does require an activation code (that comes in the package). Perhaps more important, the app allows user to optimize sound, create playlists and more.