At the I/O developer conference in May this year, Google presented to the world the progress with Project Tango. If you don’t know or remember what that is, this is the project to bring 3D mapping and rendering capabilities to tablets and smartphones via an array of cameras installed on a device with robust specs. At Google I/O this year, the mothership showed some apps that gave users some cool things to do with a Tango device. Those apps are now available to all via the Google Play Store.

Now that the developer kits for the Project Tango tablet device are out, and the Intel-powered Tango smartphone not far behind, Google can now release to the world some of the apps that show Project Tango’s potential in 3D mapping and rendering apps.


The first app is called “MeasureIt” – which allows you to use a Tango device to measure distance without using a tape measure. Just point the Tango at two different points and the app does the job of measuring for you. With the “Constructor” app, you can scan a room in 3D – then save and use the scan for construction/renovation purposes.


For a couple of more fun apps, you can try “Tangosaurus” – giving your Tango device an AR slant, walking around and looking for “fossils”. We also talked about “Tango Blaster”, where Intel combined their Tango smartphones with modified Nerf guns and brought us a fun “shoot the robots before they get you” game.


Of course, for all these apps to work, you will need a Tango device. If you haven’t ordered a Tango tablet developer kit yet, Google is reminding us that Project Tango Tablet Development Kits will go on sale in Google Stores in Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom starting August 26. Check out the source link below for more apps, and click on the app title links to download the apps!

SOURCE: Google