If you were one of those who watched the recent Google press event which launched its new products, you would have noticed the new Google Clips camera. Google Clips is basically a tiny camera that integrates with the Pixel 2 phone to let you capture images and videos that you don’t usually have time to catch. And inside the Google Clips camera is a Movidius VPU (vision processing unit) chip that does all the artificial intelligence (AI) workload.

The Google Clips camera has one great claim – apart from being a handy camera for you: Google says that the camera has enough on-device AI muscle to decide when to take photos and videos so the user doesn’t have to. This heavily depends on machine learning so the Movidius VPU chip can study what type of videos and photos the user usually takes.

So in effect, the camera’s AI should get smarter the more you use both your phone’s camera and the Google Clips device – recognizing people you spend time with and places where you go to. There’s a creepy thought, that the Google Clips camera would be able to capture candid and heartfelt moments at home, moments when you might not think of getting a shot or when your smartphone is not in your hand.

The AI behind it is powered by the ultra-efficient and low power Movidius VPU by Intel. Like it or not, AI and machine learning is where the technology is going, and Google Clips is just the beginning.



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