Camera360 overhauls app, brings “Inspiration” and “Discovery”

There are tons of camera and photo editing apps competing with each other, and developers are constantly looking for something that will make them stand out, as well as constantly updating their product to keep up with consumers’ varying needs. One of the most popular ones out there is Camera360, and their version 7.0 not only redesigns the app itself, but brings two features that not a lot of their competitors have: Inspiration and Discovery.

Algorithm now available to remove obstructions from digital images

Removing obstructions and unwanted elements from digital images and photographs is a problem as old as mobile photography itself, but a research team from Google and MIT might just have the algorithm to solve our problems. Ever wanted a good photo of something beyond a chain-link fence? Or maybe have a good photo ruined by your own reflection on the window pane you’re shooting through?

CameraV app keeps photos safe, secure, and private

There are so many camera apps available for Android. We're guessing probably thousands to hundreds of thousands already. Most of them may by similar in features and functions but there are only a few apps that can capture the moments when you really want to preserve those memories and keep them private and secure--away from unwanted prying eyes.

Camera technology progress: Moto G 3rd Gen vs. Moto G 1st Gen

For a consumer, it’s easier to judge the perceived quality of a smartphone’s camera by just counting megapixels – and theoretically, number of pixels do matter. But allow us to show you how fast a piece of technology progresses in the smartphone business, in just a span of a couple of years what image processing research can do, and what this progress looks like. We bring you a camera test of Motorola's new Moto G (3rd gen) versus the original Moto G (1st gen).

GoPro looking at releasing a mobile editing app later this year

While the GoPro product line has definitely captured the attention (and wallets) of the more adventurous type of mobile videographers, one problem that users have been facing is editing and sharing the videos without having to transfer it to a computer or laptop. The company president, Tony Bates, confirmed that they are actually this close to launching an app that will solve those problems and they plan to launch it by the end of the summer.

LG G4 flies around LA aboard a drone, watch Full HD footage here

The LG G4 is a masterpiece. We believe the smartphone is powerful especially its groundbreaking 16MP rear sensor camera equipped with f/1.8 low-light lens, Laser Autofocus, and Optical Image Stabilization. Phone is also tough having been able to survive being submerged in water for hours and that breath-holding drop test. We're not quite convinced though that the new flagship phone from the South Korean tech giant is better than the Galaxy S6 or the iPhone 6  s we reported yesterday but let's focus on the G4's camera because it's really impressive.

Micro 4/3 Olympus AIR A01 cam works with compatible Android app

We don't care much about digital cameras but the Olympus AIR A01 got our attention because it's a micro four-thirds style camera that comes with a 16 megapixel sensor, silent shutter, and its own smartphone app. The last item means the camera can be controlled from any smartphone or tablet running the said app. Reaching Canada and America simultaneously, the Olympus AIR A01 is another compact camera that brings great image quality every time.

Flir One 2nd gen thermal camera now available for Android devices

Do you feel like you need thermal camera in your life? Well, if you're a scientist or an engineer, then probably you would say yes. Or if you're just interested in seeing what the naked eye cannot and you have a spare couple of hundred dollars, then you can say yes too. Flir One has released the second generation of its thermal camera, and it's of course better and more powerful than the previous one, turning your mobile camera into a powerful thermal imager.

LG rolls outs camera-centric, sound-powered Band Play mid-range phone

After the hype about the LG G4 has died down, the South Korean giant has announced a new smartphone but this time, for the mid-range category. The LG Band Play is a new model that is said to be camera and sound focused. This means the cameras are powerful and phone offers an impressive audio listening experience. Not that there are no other camera- and sound-centric smartphones today but LG has reinforced this phone with more powerful cameras and lens and speakers for a higher camera and audio quality.
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