GoPro looking at releasing a mobile editing app later this year

While the GoPro product line has definitely captured the attention (and wallets) of the more adventurous type of mobile videographers, one problem that users have been facing is editing and sharing the videos without having to transfer it to a computer or laptop. The company president, Tony Bates, confirmed that they are actually this close to launching an app that will solve those problems and they plan to launch it by the end of the summer.

LG G4 flies around LA aboard a drone, watch Full HD footage here

The LG G4 is a masterpiece. We believe the smartphone is powerful especially its groundbreaking 16MP rear sensor camera equipped with f/1.8 low-light lens, Laser Autofocus, and Optical Image Stabilization. Phone is also tough having been able to survive being submerged in water for hours and that breath-holding drop test. We're not quite convinced though that the new flagship phone from the South Korean tech giant is better than the Galaxy S6 or the iPhone 6  s we reported yesterday but let's focus on the G4's camera because it's really impressive.

Micro 4/3 Olympus AIR A01 cam works with compatible Android app

We don't care much about digital cameras but the Olympus AIR A01 got our attention because it's a micro four-thirds style camera that comes with a 16 megapixel sensor, silent shutter, and its own smartphone app. The last item means the camera can be controlled from any smartphone or tablet running the said app. Reaching Canada and America simultaneously, the Olympus AIR A01 is another compact camera that brings great image quality every time.

Flir One 2nd gen thermal camera now available for Android devices

Do you feel like you need thermal camera in your life? Well, if you're a scientist or an engineer, then probably you would say yes. Or if you're just interested in seeing what the naked eye cannot and you have a spare couple of hundred dollars, then you can say yes too. Flir One has released the second generation of its thermal camera, and it's of course better and more powerful than the previous one, turning your mobile camera into a powerful thermal imager.

LG rolls outs camera-centric, sound-powered Band Play mid-range phone

After the hype about the LG G4 has died down, the South Korean giant has announced a new smartphone but this time, for the mid-range category. The LG Band Play is a new model that is said to be camera and sound focused. This means the cameras are powerful and phone offers an impressive audio listening experience. Not that there are no other camera- and sound-centric smartphones today but LG has reinforced this phone with more powerful cameras and lens and speakers for a higher camera and audio quality.

SoloCam improves on the selfie stick idea with HD audio recording

Do you have a selfie stick? I don’t because I find it annoying and weird. Why can’t you just ask someone to take your photo? Okay, I’m sure a lot of you will not agree with me and actually own one but I must admit that sometimes, it can be useful. For the hard core selfie addict (yes, I’m talking to you), here’s a selfie stick that brings more functions than just hold your smartphone.

Dropbox finally adapts Material Design for its Android app

Just like Todoist which we talked about earlier today, Dropbox is one of the biggest apps that has taken its sweet time in finally adapting the Material Design visual guidelines that Google introduced last year in preparation for Android 5.0 Lollipop. A lot of the apps have already tweaked their looks and UI based on this but some of the hold-outs included the popular cloud storage service app. Until now, that is.

Motorola rumored to be releasing new device with better camera

When it comes to mobile photography, Motorola isn't the brand of smartphone that you will immediately think of, unless you were thinking of disappointing hardware and software. The OEM has often been criticized for failing to deliver a good camera experience for users of their flagship devices, despite having quality hardware all in all. But their CMO promised that they are working hard to rectifying this problem and coming up with something that will "bring it", and we assume that it means a better camera.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-CM1 hybrid camera phone out in the US

The Lumix DMC-CM1 was announced at Photokina 2014, around September last year, and it surely turned a lot of heads. It’s a hybrid camera and phone – not what you’re thinking, because yes, we do admit that every high-end Android smartphone is essentially a hybrid. Panasonic's Lumix DMC-CM1 is more camera than phone – the camera part is not an afterthought.
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