Today has been filled with leaks, tips, and news regarding Samsung‘s upcoming devices, and now we have one more. After seeing the Galaxy S 4 Active, reports on the Note III and more we’re now getting some details on their upcoming tablets. According to some new benchmarks the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will be powered by an Intel processor.

Intel has been working hard to get into the mobile game, but still hasn’t gained much ground even after all their efforts. That could finally be changing though with the new Galaxy Note 3 series from Samsung. We’re expecting 7 and 10-inch models as before, and reports have also stated an 8-inch Tab is coming too.

While nothing can be confirmed, it’s possible these will all be powered by an upcoming Intel mobile processor. The new slate has been spotted at the FCC, and we even saw retail packaging at one point but Samsung’s yet to make anything remotely official. Now with these new benchmark reports however, we’re wondering what they have in store.


According to GigaOM some new benchmark results from GFXBench and AnTuTu have been spotted with the slate being powered by Intel’s ATOM mobile processor, but we don’t have too many other details at this point. These same tests show the Tab 3 blowing past the Galaxy Tab 2 by massive margins, so this could be a pretty powerful set of tablets.

Samsung could be saving their own Exynos 4 Quad and 8-core chips for the Galaxy S 4 and Note 3, while their tablets all come powered by Intel. Maybe this will finally be the push Intel needs to break into the U.S mobile market.