The point of having a laptop or a Chromebook is to be able to work anytime, anywhere. You can bring your notebook with you everywhere but unfortunately, WiFi connection is oftentimes a problem. For regions that don’t have a reliable connection or wireless network, an alternative can be the mobile Internet. Using any smartphone that allows tethering, you can turn the device into a mobile hotspot. We know many people who use their phones this way while some even rely on tethering more because it’s faster in other areas.

Chromebooks now offer Instant Tethering. This feature allows any Chrome OS-powered notebook to quickly connect to the Internet via a cellular network connection. Once paired with a smartphone that is connected to the mobile Internet, the Chromebook will automatically access the same network.

The Chrome team has made updates to the Chromebook system so access the Internet is simpler and faster. Instant Tethering is one easy solution for those always on-the-go.

No need to search for hotspots or set up phone and Chromebook because Instant Tethering allows quick pairing. Future connections can be done with just one click.

Your Chromebook knows when there is no WiFi network. It can detect available mobile data connection and will inform the user. It is quick-access but it also knows when to give up especially where there is zero activity in the last ten minutes. Auto-disconnecting can save data and power.

Instant Tethering was introduced for the Pixel Slates and Pixelbbooks almost two years ago. Google launched the feature for more reliable connection. It’s only now that other Chromebooks and smartphones are getting the same feature.

Here is a list of supported Chromebook models:
• Acer Chromebook 14, Acer Chromebook 15, Acer Chromebook R11, Acer Chromebook Spin 13
• ASUS Chromebook C423, ASUS Chromebook Flip C302
• Dell Inspiron Chromebook 14
• HP Chromebook 11 G5, HP Chromebook x2, HP Chromebook x360 14
• Lenovo Yoga Chromebook C630
• Samsung Chromebook 3, Samsung Chromebook Plus V2, Samsung Chromebook Plus V2 LTE

Compatible Android Phones:
• HTC U11, U11+, HTC U12+
• Huawei Mate 10, Mate 10 Pro, Huawei Mate 20, Mate 20 Pro, Mate 20 X
• LG G7 ThinQ, LG V30, V30+, V30S ThinQ, V30S+ ThinQ, LG V35 ThinQ, LG V40 ThinQ
• Motorola Moto Z, Motorola Moto Z2 Force, Motorola Z3
• Nexus 5X, Nexus 6, Nexus 6P
• OnePlus 5, 5T, OnePlus 6, 6T
• Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL
• Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 Active, S7 Edge, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+, Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Samsung Galaxy S9, S9+

SOURCE: The Keyword