Instagram has only been available for Android a couple of days and has seen huge numbers of success already with millions of downloads. It’s also getting its fair share of criticism at the same time. Today they’ve updated the app for the second time since launching two days ago and with it comes some much needed changes that were causing problems for Android users.

One of the biggest complaints for Android users was that some were having problems choosing pictures already taken from the gallery and running them through Instagrams filters and tweaks, then multiple users were having resolution issues. Pictures were too small, and some were being output small. Instagram has quickly issued a large update today that should resolve any problems most users have experienced.

HTC devices like the HTC One X also aren’t compatible with Instagram yet, but they’ve claimed to fix some compatibility and search issues with HTC phones. Last but not least are more camera improvements that should solve those pesky crashes. With so many Android phones available with all ranges of cameras surely this was a task that will probably take another update or two.

Head to the Play Store on your device to update or follow along to the Google Play Store by clicking here.