If there’s on iOS app that’s more anticipated by Android users than the long-delayed Temple Run (yes, yes, we know, put down your pitchforks) it’s Instagram. The smash hit social photo sharing service is the choice of Twitterati, hipsters and housewives everywhere, but only for those whose devices have a shiny apple on the back. The publisher has been hinting that its Android app is close to release for months now, and has finally opened up a pre-registration page for excited Android users. Alas, there’s still no word on when the app will actually become available.

The last time we heard from the Instagram powers that be, they were showing off an alpha or beta version of the app at SXSW in Austin. At that point company representatives went so far as to claim that the Android version was shaping up to be even better than its iOS counterpart. Take that for what you will, but it’s clear that the company is planning a big release befitting a platform with double the users of its only supported OS thus far.

It’s been nearly eighteen months since Instagram debuted on the iPhone, and about eight months since its userbase started to skyrocket. Anticipation for Instagram’s Android client has reached a fever pitch, which makes it even more frustrating that they’re still offering very little in the way of actual information beyond a spiffy logo. To be blunt, the app needs to be awesome when it finally arrives – anything less will be a disservice to the people who’ve been waiting so long.

[via SlashGear]