The Facebook-owned Instagram has been testing the multi-account feature since November as beta for Android. This week, the top photo-sharing app will allow you to add and quickly switch multiple accounts. This particular feature has long been in demand since the “regram” was made possible, at least, by third-party app developers. It took Instagram some time to bring the feature but we’re glad it’s already here.

This improvement is ideal for those who are managing several IG accounts for their social marketing campaigns or simply those who have more than one profiles for whatever narcissistic reason. Feel free to add a maximum of five (5) accounts to Instragam. No need to log out frequently and sign in back so you can manage more accounts.

You should see the updated version now on the Play Store and even iOS but it may take a while in some regions. Just check from time to time if you see the version 7.15.

To add more Instagram accounts, go to your IG profile page, tap the Tricolon symbol settings-bar-instagram (for Android) or the Gear icon Instagram-edit-settings-symbol (for iOS) found in the top right of the screen. Scroll down and click on ‘Add Account’. Enter the correct username and password.

Instagram Multiple Accounts Add Acount

To switch between Instragram accounts, go to your profile screen again, go to Settings (Gear or Tricolon), choose the account you want to use. You can only add five accounts to manage and use in one app.

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