One of the most awaited and requested features for Instagram has now arrived, at least for beta users for now. No, you still can’t “regram” and you still won’t be able to schedule posts (which are the two other most requested features) but at least now, you’ll be able to log in to multiple accounts on your Android device, if you’re part of the beta program or if you download and install the APK.

So now if you have one personal account, another one for a brand that you’re handling for work, and then another one for your secret Justin Bieber account, you don’t have to sign out and sign in endlessly like you did before. Just head on over to the Options portion of the photo-sharing app, which can be found under the three dots button. If you’re on beta or installed the APK, then you’ll find an Add Account button there.

So now you will be able to log in to the app with multiple accounts. To switch between accounts, you just have to tap the upper left-hand corner of the display (just like you would in Twitter or Gmail). Now the only challenge would be not to make wrong posts or else people will discover that you’re the one posting all those awesome Justin Bieber 15-second videos on IG.

Since the update isn’t yet out for regular users, you can access this feature through two ways. One is to enroll in the Instagram beta program, which is basically painless and lets you have access to features before they get officially released. The other one is to download the APK from the kind folks over at Android Police.

VIA: SlashGear