Instagram for Android was updated to v4.0 back towards the end of June. That was the update that added video support and as of today it looks like Instagram v4.1 has arrived. Similar to the 4.0 update, Instagram 4.1 keeps the focus on video. In this case there is now support for Ice Cream Sandwich as well as for videos in your Gallery.

Basically, Instagram 4.1 brings the video experience more on level with the image experience. By that we mean you can now choose to work with a previously recorded video (similar to how you can with a previously captured image). Users will be able to choose the video clip from the gallery and the app will even allow you to trim it to size.

Remember, Instagram videos are 15-seconds in length. The video editing process also allows you to choose how to square-crop it. Of course, you can still apply a filter and choose the Cover Frame for imported videos. Shifting away from this side of the update and to the support for Ice Cream Sandwich.

This one is simple and means those running Android 4.0 or later will be able to use the video side of the app. Instagram Video was previously only available for those running Jelly Bean. That said, it looks like Instagram is looking towards the community for updates. According to details coming with this update, video support for Ice Cream Sandwich was the “number-one request” for the Android app.

With that, the latest version of the Instagram app is available by way of the Google Play Store.