Those who have stuck with the augmented reality game Ingress will now have something more to chew on, or with. Niantic Labs is pushing out an update that adds more levels to the game and makes an uber powerful weapon available for anyone.

Ingress, developed in partnership with Google, enjoyed a brief period of hype as being one of the very first worldwide augmented reality game for Android. Since then, it has slid out of the spotlight but has still managed to retain a good number of loyal fans and players. October last year, the game opened its doors to everyone and went out of Beta last December.


The latest update to the game raises the level limit from 8 to 16, a common method of trying to prolong a game’s life beyond its normal dead end. Now even veteran agents, as players are called, will have 8 more reasons to stay. Those who go a more aggressive route will now also have another reason, the Ultra Strike weapon. This rare but extremely powerful weapon generates an XMP Burst strong enough to nullify the latest and sturdiest shields surrounding Portals. This weapon was previously available as an exclusive for Motorola Droid devices but is now being made available for anyone that can their hands on it.


If you’re tired of the usual avian, zombie, or retro game that plagues your smartphone, it might be a good opportunity to take up Ingress and compete with other people on a different scale. That is, if you can wrap your head around its admittedly geeky sci-fi plot and the requirement of going about in the real world looking for XM particles and portals or other agents, both ally and adversary.

SOURCE: +Ingress