India has long been the home of dirt-cheap tech for the masses, and now you can add an Android tablet to the mix. The Aakash (Hindi for “sky”) tablet is being sold for the equivalent of $45 to the general public, with subsidized $35 versions selling to students and teachers. In local currency it’s about 1,700 Rupees. The basic tablet is being made by budget manufacturer DataWind.

There’s not a lot of info available on the tablet hardware, but we do know that the 7-inch device is running on 2.2 Froyo, like most Android smartphones at the moment. Since video conferencing is mentioned by the Human Resource Development Minister, we can conclude that there’s at least some kind of webcam included. The low-cost devices are intended to “lift villagers out of poverty” by teaching them basic computer skills, including word processing and web browsing.

The Indian government intends to get the Aakash tablet into the hands of no less than 10 million students across the country. If they succeed, that would make India the #1 user of Android tablets, even if they won’t be showing up on Google’s activation press releases any time soon. And before you ask, modders, no, it isn’t being sold outside of India.


  1. This person Mr. Tuli is a fraud. They have defrauded 1000’s of shareholders under different companies. Checkout the company Widecom. They did not pay salaries to their employees. They were penalized by the Ontario Government. Finally, they declared bankruptcy. This us the 3 RD or 4 th company they are involved. It is a father and son.

    Ex employee of Widecom Inc.

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  3. it is really going to change the world indian living… first reliance change the mobile industry by lauching Rs.500 phone… now Indian government doing the same… 

    Jai Hind…

    • you’re so stupid.. india will never develop.. our ministers eat the money. what jai hind… weare in a cricis state for god sake, we shoud had been super power by now, every year 12lakh ppl are unemplyed. 20,000 get diseased by starvation. but we are the most knowledge ppl in the world. and we produce so much food that twice the size of india can consume but all are exported and government eats the tax..

      if u still say jai hind then i say u r a selfish person..

      • Hey,
        I read all ur post and links… whtz ur point of consideration… a fraud company, govt eating tax in between or people accessing technology at cheapest price??? How does company fraud nature connect with technology? Its only one of the tech product available in the market… Its just the testing period for bth company and govt.. I am sure r today’s generation is quite aware and tech savy to distinguish between obsolete technology and facilitaing

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  5. for people in New delhi. this is available at Jamia Millia islamia university, stationery shop i.e. maktabaa jamia. near the indian bank and post office @price:disqus  of 35$ = rs1600 + VAT of 200rs. 

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  6. Am not a student, am interested to buy this.. am from Karnataka. Where i can get this. Please tell me.
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  8. Hi, 
    We got our hands on the Aakash tablet and have give our review. Do check it out!

  9. I agree with that the Tuli’s all three the father and 2 sons are number one fraud. The elder Tuli with a pace maker is the biggest crook. As a General Manager Sales I know how they used to function especially with fudging the Govt of India exports subsidy records. I challenge Mr Tuli to respond to my comment. I can produce the copies of all the documents that are still in my possession.

  10. We are poor country dreaming a rich day. This tablet is sure to create a change. What india could have achieved in 30 years , with this tablet it should be possible to achive it in 10 years.Be it implementation of govt. schemes and many more. As mobile revolution has happened in India, Tablet revolution is not far behind….I am dam sure. And about “the home of dirt-cheap tech” comment, my friend one should never forget the roads he has traveled, his past i mean.

  11. Good job, Congratulations.  I have following gripe.

    It says the device is a phone, does it have sim slot ?  if not it should incorporate one that would make it best seller even more than ” i ” products. only thing market lacks is combination of cell phone ( mobile) and tablet. Suggestion to Datawind sell this to poor NRI  at 50 $ pls. volume sell of such a product would make up for low margin profit. Dont forget to include micro sd add on so people can extend storage like android phone. Hope somebody take this seriously. Good LUCK TO ALL.  HARE KRISHNA

  12. Read the specs. Resistive touch screen, not capacitive. Translation: painful to use, total crap much like the Chinese “Apad”. Even the Nook e-ink touch uses capacitive because resistive is such a terrible experience even for tapping the screen. Swipes and gestures will be useless. On the last Apad I tried the touch was so imprecise that tapping an icon would select the wrong one half the time.

    • Who are these people that say this company us a fraud. Has anybody investigated these facts. There will not be smoke without fire.

  13. someone suggested that this company is a scam. i checked with my cousin in Toronto. They did confirm that this company is a fraud. they had filed chapter 11 bankruptcy protection two times and now before launching this new company in india they have revied the bankrupt companies.  they used to pay thousands of dollars as bribe. the father operates from toronto and the sons operate from montreal in order to claim grants from the canadian government. the grant is the maximum in montreal. they used to manufacture the worlds widest scanner from noida in delhi and sell it as made in canada. you need any further info, email me and i can get more infro from my cousin in toronto. i am not buying this product. i would rather buy ipad by paying more.

    • Hi, I am looking at doing a business deal with them and will be happy with any concrete evidence you may have so that we can end our relationship with them if they are really a fraud. Thanks. Email me at yourswordsman @ yahoo . com – thanks.


  14. Ankur34

    Were you working with this company as a Vice President Marketing-Toronto region. My cousin Shiju knows you. He was the financial controller and Associate Director with this company,

    • I know shiju. i was the one who recruited him for the company. convey him my regards. i quit widecom after they closed their operations on bankruptcy.

    • Yes. I was with them for 5 years before I quit them. They wanted me to change the customs record in India through my contacts in the customs New Delhi office.

  15. before complaining about the product u better check the cost of the product…i mean no one would give a tab for 35$…and powered by android…and peoples are expecting capacitive touch screen for 35$ lol…:D

  16. I bought this tablet for my son and it stopped working on the 5 th day. I called up the company to complain about the product. One if the employees went to the extent of telling me what do I expect it to be an iPad for about Rs. 10k.

    Pratik Pathak

    • I had a similar problem. The depot asked me to pay Rs. 750+ taxes for repairing as that problem was not covered under warranty.

  17. I have a problem with the operating system the icons size changes the moment I see a video. The company is not responding to my query. Is it bcos I paid only Rs. 1850.00. I should have bought the Playbook. Atleast you get a peace of mind even though you are paying more.

  18. hey guys….Please help me i’m in a turmoil…please tell me that should i buy it or not…..please I REQUEST TO ALL OF YOU TO SUGGEST ME THAT WHETHER I SHOULD BUY OR NOT…PLEASE!!!!!!!

  19. HOW can i get this aakash lovely tab
      It sell in noida. yes or no

  20. u  moron India is not the home dirt-cheap tech..dont forget our Indian techs working in ur country developing amazing gizmos..look at the tablet specs its great and i commend the government of india for their effort in bringing the poor people in to the mainstream….

  21. i want the particulars to place an order and to use it for engineering students of rural background. kindly intimate on this no. 04027602705


  23. Aakash tablet is a revolution in india market because of its price.From students to CEOs of big companies will use it.Go for ubislate which is for Rs.3000 which got higher speed processor.
    I have also posted related article, please check it out Aakash Tablet for Rs.2500

  24. Aakash tablet is a revolution in india market because of its price.From students to CEOs of big companies will use it.Go for ubislate which is for Rs.3000 which got higher speed processor.
    I have also posted related article, please check it out Aakash Tablet for Rs.2500

    • I guess we should wait. Magna Pepper tablet from some K’nataka company is almost set to market it. And they are promising good customer support unlike Aakash. The price is around 6K. Way better than the UBISlate being sold by Datawind.

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  26. i name is praveen kumar singh working in goa i order this aakash tablet PC my Sr. no :P341442920163921 i paid Rs 2698 to Bright Telecom india Pvt ltd, Invoice No:BRIGHT/NZ/13377 date 1/2/2012

    And aakash tablet is not working in order away time is Hang, not add, THIS PROD IS NOT A GOOD for USE   

  27. sir, the akash tablet of my follwing add.
    MOB.-9451964786, 8081491455
    How i pay his cost.
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  28. Well, now that govt says it won’t extend the LC of Datawind, which is to expire this month end, I guess it is the end of Datawind partnership. There will be Aakash but it wont be from Datawind. People who bought the tablet are crying foul. Check out the post on my blog on why Aakash will never reach market and the type of repair they are offering.

  29. Hi. i am sreekanth. i booking ID PM6D627,  booking ID PM4575C29548. check two month before sent. still now not get my laptop. pls cross check. feedback my mail. or call my mobile ; 0065 81749133. i am in singapore. i order my hometown india.

  30. I had booked this ubi on 9th march 2012.and my booking id is
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  31. Pl desist from the trap of datawind , this company is a fraud company . I want to share my experience with you all . I had purchased a AKASH TABLET in the month of Oct 2013 after 10 days it began malfunctioning and with consultation to the technical team of datawind i sent the tablet to Delhi office by courier and it was received by them . The tablet has not yet been returned to me , I have made a lot of correspondence with them , every time they are telling that it will be returned . Last month one of their representative told me that the delhi office has been shifted so it is possible that the tablet is lost somewhere . Now they are reluctant to continue discussion with this subject . So be aware of this company .

    Mob No 9854021815


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