Qualcomm has been working hard to make sure that its upcoming flagship chipset, the Snapdragon 820, will not suffer the same things its predecessor the Snapdragon 810 did. That is why we have gotten a veritable barrage of information about the features of the new chipset, set to be unveiled relatively soon. It was rumored that Samsung is helping Qualcomm test out the SD820, as the new chipset will most likely power the Samsung Galaxy S7 coming out next year. And if these new benchmarks are to be believed, the SD820 is progressing along just fine.

The graph below was lifted of Sina Weibo, China’s biggest social media platform. The graph shows multiple measurements from three sources. The Snapdragon 810 numbers are represented by the green bars, next to what the source says are two Snapdragon 820 variants installed on two Samsung Galaxy S7 protoypes. The “820-A” variant numbers are represented by the yellow column bars, and the “820-B” variant by the red bars.


As you can see at the bottom of the graph, the most current SD820 chipset variant can already hit over 70k AnTuTu benchmark points, leaving behind the SD810 (at around 63k points) and the early SD820 variant (at 66k points). The single thread performance is also notable, with the 820-B pushing performances 1.77 times better than the SD810.

As Qualcomm continues to tweak and make the performance better, we just might see better numbers as the weeks pass by. And with the SD820 probably debuting early next year, we think people should be excited at the jump in performance that this new generation of chipsets will bring.

VIA: GforGames