We remember featuring IK Multimedia with its iGrand Piano and iLectric Piano apps. That was two years ago but earlier this 2017, the iRig Recorder 3 for Android was introduced. For video content creators, you’d be happy to know the iKlip GO allows you to capture memories with much ease and convenience. It’s not just another selfie stick because this one offers more than just extend your phone to take a nice selfie.

The iKlip GO is an ultra-compact selfie stick that comes with a Bluetooth shutter remote. The grip is expandable while the ball-joint is adjustable so you can position your smartphone or action camera with much precision depending on your preference. You can adjust it to 0 to 90-degree angle with 360-degree rotation. The stick can extend up to 29.1-inches or 74cm.

Shooting photographs and videos with the iKlip GO is easy for both Android, iPhone, and whatever action camera device you have with a universal mount that accepts most small devices. Use this if you want to make new videos, hold live shows, capture outdoor events, and record audio.

You can purchase the iKlip GO from for €39.99 ($48). That is very affordable we suggest you buy a few units for each of your gadgets. This can also be a great Christmas gift for your techie and selfie addict friends. Buy from IK Multimedia.

SOURCE: IK Multimedia