Here’s another brand trying to make a huge difference in the smart home arena. iHome is a familiar name in the tech industry although we haven’t been featuring its products lately. The last one we remember was the iHome HomeKit and iSP5 Smartplug that can make our homes “smarter”. We have a feeling the smart home industry will finally advance this year as more tech giants and OEMs are already announcing new products.

iHome is just one but it’s ready to deliver foUr new audio-related products–new earbuds and headphones. The products are now on display at the CES 2017 grounds in Las Vegas. These are smart audio solutions ideal for the music lovers who are looking for affordable accessories. The Bluetooth headphones and earbuds have been improved from the previous models. They now offer quick access to Siri or Google Now. In the near future, we can expect more integration with similar voice assistants or artificial intelligence.

The $39.99 iB71 is a new pair of Bluetooth water-resistant sport clip ear-buds that is also sweatproof so it’s good to use during workouts. There’s a built-in echo-cancelling mic so you can have excellent audio quality during calls. It also works with the Melody Music Assistant so you can have quick access to music by using only voice commands.

The $49.99 iB76 is a weather tough Bluetooth Sport Earbuds that also works with the Melody Voice Assistant. It’s more ready for rough and outdoor use as it is sweatproof, shockproof, splashproof, and dustproof. It comes with a remote control on the cable for convenience.

The iB88 costs $69.99. It’s also a pair of Weather Tough Foldable Bluetooth headphones that seem to be in love with the Melody Voice Assistant. Last but not the least is the $49.99 iB90V2 that boasts of an extra-long life battery life. This pair also supports voice activation so you can access Siri and Okay Google.