Recently, the teardown experts at iFixit cracked open a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, and found that with all the nice glass covers front and back, and the edgy exterior – you wouldn’t want to have to repair it. It looks to be the same thing with its more standard flat-faced cousin, the Samsung Galaxy S6, as the internals are bound to be similar in most cases.

The Corning Gorilla Glass 4 that covered both front and back of the new Samsung flagship made for very nice aesthetics and feel. But if you have to repair it, then these pieces of glass will also cause you pain, as the adhesive that keeps the glass intact is super-difficult to get through. Once inside, the teardown experts also found it difficult to locate the screws that held the midframe intact, and only until they took off the adhesive layer did all screws show up.


The Samsung Galaxy S6 was scored at 4 out of 10, only one point better than the Galaxy S6 Edge – but on the whole, still marked as “difficult to repair/open”. One area where the flat-faced Galaxy S6 fared slightly better than the S6 Edge battery access. Mind you, it’s still not that easy, but because of space constraints in the S6 Edge, one would have to remove the motherboard as well to get at the battery. That, fortunately, is not the case with the Galaxy S6.


All in all, still a difficult and unenviable job for a repair technician if he has to fix a Samsung Galaxy S6, so if you own one of these babies, you better not screw up anything on the inside. To see the full teardown process, check out the source link below.

SOURCE: iFixit