The International Data Corporation (IDC) has published their latest report, this time taking a look at smartphone and feature shipments for the first quarter of 2013. While we are looking at the same vendor names as we have seen in past reports, we have seen some other interesting tidbits in terms where the smartphone market is heading as a whole. To begin with, despite what the IDC is calling a “seasonably slow first quarter” there was still a 4 percent growth in the overall mobile phone market.

On top of that, smartphones have out shipped feature phones for the first time. Looking at some of the numbers behind these statements and we see total smartphone shipments of 216.2 million for Q1 2013 as compared to total mobile phone sales of 418.6 million for the quarter. This has the smartphone shipments sitting at 51.6 percent for the quarter. In addition to smartphone shipments topping feature phone shipments, the smartphone market also showed year-over-year growth.

The IDC shows the smartphone market as having grown 41.6 percent as compared to the first quarter of 2012. The shipment number for Q1 2012 was 152.7 million. Despite year-over-year growth, smartphone shipments were down a little as compared to Q4 2012. For this quarter smartphone shipments topped in at 227.8 million, which means a decrease of 5.1 percent.

Shifting away from the market as a whole and we look toward the individual vendors. In this case we have Samsung taking the top honors with Apple, LG, Huawei and ZTE rounding out the top five. Samsung is sitting with a large lead, at 70.7 percent. The remaining four show Apple with 37.4 percent, LG with 10.3 percent, Huawei with 9.9 percent and ZTE with 91. percent. Bottom line here, while the overall market may have had some interesting change, breaking things down by vendor and we once again saw a familiar set of numbers with Samsung on top.

[via IDC]