We’ve seen the ubiquitous Galaxy Nexus get a mod that enables the user interface from the tablet flavor of Ice Cream Sandwich, but now it’s come to something a little more useful. A user from RootGalaxyNote.com posted a video of Samsung’s super-sized smartphone running in tablet mode. Obviously the 5.3-inch Samsung Galaxy Note has a lot more reason to run a tablet modification than its smaller brothers. You can download the “imilka” custom tablet ROM here.

The modification allows the Note to run as a full tablet – there’s literally no difference between the software on the phone an a build of the Android Open Source Project code on an Ice Cream Sandwich tablet, with the obvious exception of the virtual pixel density. he interface is a little cramped on the Galaxy Note, but not so much that the average user won’t be able to get around. Of course you can always pull out the S-Pen for some pen-based computing. The modified user interface allows for panels and multi-column views in the apps that support them, including most of Google’s essential apps.

Unfortunately the tablet mode is contained within its own ROM at the moment – there’s no way to apply this to a stock Ice Cream Sandwich build. It’s also limited to the i7000, the international GSM version of the Galaxy Note. But given that this little trick has already been performed on the Galaxy Nexus, it should come in a more generic form (and for more devices) sooner rather than later.

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