Say, this looks familiar. Just days after the Verizon Galaxy Nexus launched, Android Community tried an experiment to force it to go into Android 4.0’s tablet interface. We were only partially successful (hey, we’re bloggers, not developers) but it looks like someone has taken a similar idea all the way to its conclusion. A RootzWiki user named CurrentWeb has developed a ZIP package that makes your Samsung Galaxy Nexus use the full Ice Cream Sandwich tablet user interface, bottom action bar and all.

It’s a pretty sweet mod, we’ve got to admit: the Galaxy Nexus’ 720p screen is only a little smaller than most Honeycomb tablets as far as resolution goes, and larger than most first generation Gingerbread tablets. The interface fits just fine on the phone’s 4.65-inch screen, though you may have to do some serious squinting to see the text and menu items. Even more importantly, tablet apps default to their more complex full-sized interface, as with YouTube above. If there’s a tablet app that you just can’t live without on the go (like Craigslist HD) you might want to give this mod a try.

Currently the most popular custom Galaxy Nexus ROMs are supported, including AOKP, Axiom, Liquid, Gummy, and the leaked stock 4.0.4 software. (You’ll need to flash a ROM-specific file – check the source for downloads.) The only major problem found so far is that they’re incompatible with the settings menu in Chrome for Android. Currently there’s no easy way back to the standard phone interface after flashing, so make sure and do a Nandroid backup – as always. We can’t wait to see a similar mod for the Galaxy Note…

[via Droid-Life]

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