Are you tired of waiting on Instagram to arrive so you can ironically make fun of your friends with cheesy filters? Then you may want to be first in line when the tinkly Google truck starts handing out Ice Cream Sandwiches. Android Police got their hands on some hot app source files that point to a built-in photo editor in the Ice Cream Sandwich native gallery app, and while they’re not exactly pro-level tools, they should be a welcome edition to those who record their memories eight megapixels at a time.

The uncovered icons and filters point to a user-friendly edition that’s a lot like the current Photoshop Mobile app, and not at all like the upcoming Photoshop Touch. Simple adjustments and fixes should allow users to spruce up their pics before uploading them to Facebook or Google+. Pretty much all the basics are covered, including crop, rotate, exposure, redeye and some simple transformation tools, with more than a dozen photo filters thrown in for good measure.

Like Google Music, Google+ and the Android Market before it, the app’s apk installer file has leaked out. Unfortunately it doesn’t run in current versions of Android, which means the new Gallery will be integrated into Ice Cream Sandwich instead of farmed out to the market like Gmail, YouTube and other Google apps. Keep an eye out for these new features during Google’s portion of the presentation tomorrow in Hong Kong. Speaking of which, park it here at 10 PM EST to catch all the latest Ice Cream Sandwich / Galaxy Nexus news, or check out our Twitter account, @Androids.