Nokia Tablet Android 2021

Nokia doesn’t give up easily. No, it won’t. HMD Global’s Nokia team is more than eager to come up with new smartphones that will potentially become a bestseller. It’s been years since the Nokia brand was give a new lease in life, at least, in the mobile market. This year, it’s going to introduce a new product line. A Nokia tablet is expected to be announced very soon. The Nokia Mobile group has posted a teaser of a hybrid phone tablet but we only see the side view.

Last week, we said the Nokia T20 Android tablet may be unveiled by HMD Global. It was also teased in an image that showed a number of Nokia devices lined up.

We noted the new-generation Nokia 3310 and a few Nokia phones. At the end is a big white box that we’re assuming contains a tablet. It will indeed be a tablet as per Nokia. It will be “everything you’d expect from a Nokia phone in a tablet.”

Official launch date will be October 6, 2021. Nokia also once said the mobile family is growing. Literally, a device has grown in size and it will be a tablet with most phone functions.

The special product launch may also include a new phone other than the Nokia G50 5G. The Nokia T20 name was discovered earlier as HMD’s first-ever tablet.

We’re probably looking at a device with a large 10.36-inch screen. The tablet is said to roll out in the UAE and the UK. It was spotted in Russia first with some details including 4GB of RAM, 64GB onboard storage, WiFi, 4G, and a SIM card slot. It’s possible that two models may be released–one WiFi-only and another one with 4G connectivity.


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