So Humble Bundle is back again with a bunch of games you may want for your Android smartphone or tablet. If you still don’t know how Humble Bundle works, you really should get out more (haha). The premise is simple, you pay any amount you want (not less than USD$1.00) to get a bundle of games that would normally cost more. And then the guys at HB give the bulk of the proceeds to charities. Pretty good deal, right?

Humble Mobile Bundle 20 is here, and if you pay more than USD$1.00, you will get Cloud Chasers, Last Horizon, and the classic Tomb Raider 1 & 2, all ported for your mobile device. This will be great for those of you who were crushing on Lara Croft way before the pixels were smoother.


If you pay more than the average – right now at USD$4.39 – then you get the games earlier mentioned, plus Always Sometimes Monsters and Shooting Stars!. Of course, Humble Bundle always has a bonus game or two which they reveal later within the week, but you also get those if you pay more than the average.

Finally, if you pay more than USD$5.00, you get all of those games mentioned above, plus premium bonuses which include Space Grunts and Cosmonautica. All of these games will amount to around USD$34.00 in total, but you know you can may less than that to get all of it. Check out the source link below if you want to purchase the bundle.

SOURCE: Humble Bundle