Not for the first time – but definitely for the first time this 2016 – the folks over at Humble Bundle want to fill your smartphone or tablet with RPGs. We all know what the deal is with Humble Bundle – they give us games, we pay what we want, most of the money goes to charities. This year, Humble Bundle 2 is an RPG bundle from JRPG outfit Kemco.

First up, we have the now-common USD$1.00 limit to the purchases – pay USD$1.00 or more and you get three Kemco RPGs off the bat. That group includes Alphadia, Journey to Kreisia, and the popular Revenant Saga. Remember, you need to pay a dollar or more for this. Some people have tried paying less, they lost money and no games to show for their stinginess.

Pay more than the average – which is at USD$5.55 as of time of writing – and you get the sequels Alphadia 2 and Alphadia Genesis, with a promise of more games to be unveiled. But wait, there’s more! There are 3 bonuses to this bundle, first of which Illusion of L’Phalcia – which you get in addition to all the others if you pay just USD$6.00. All of the games together will normally cost you around USD$56.00.

And if that wasn’t enough, additional milestones are set if the purchases reach USD$50,000 and USD$80,000 – surprises will be unveiled when these milestones are reached respectively. So get into a Humble Bundle mode this year – start yourself off with some Kemco RPGs and give that money to charity.

[UPDATE] As per usual, Humble Bundle has added some games to the “pay more than the average” group (which at time of update is around USD$5.46). Now you also get “Fanatic Earth” and “Asdivine Hearts”.

SOURCE: Humble Bundle