Another week, another Humble Bundle. This time, our favorite guys that bring us cheap gaming for a cause are out to proliferate some RPG games from KEMCO. As always, much of what you spend on a Humble Bundle will go to a number of charities that they’re supporting, although you can actually pick which charity your money goes to. They’re just bringing gaming and giving a helping hand together, and it’s all good for us.

This Humble Mobile Bundle retains the USD$1.00 limit, which seems to be the trend in their bundles these days. You have to pay $1 dollar or more to get the entry level games which include Eve of the Genesis HD, Eclipse of Illusion, and Symphony of the Origin. You won’t get these immersive RPGs for just a dollar anywhere else, we guarantee you.


Then you have the “pay more than the average” group, which also has games to be added to it as the week progresses. Right now, the average is at USD$5.88 and you will be getting these games: Legend of Ixtona, Fortuna Magus, and Silver Nornir, plus the promise of something else later. But wait, your bundle could get even bigger.


Humble Bundle is starting out with what they are calling “bonus goals” – a new game is unlocked if the payments reach a certain level. At USD$100 thousand, you get KEMCO’s Knight of the Earthends. Another game gets added at 150k and 200k. However, these unlockable content are available only for those who pay above the average. If you’re an RPG fan and you’re interested in the bundle, grab it at the source link below.

SOURCE: Humble Bundle