The Humble Bundle is back for another round of gaming on our favorite devices, Android phones and tablets of course. After their first Humble Bundle for Android did so well they’ve decided a part 2 was in order. For those that don’t know what this is, you basically get to name your price and get awesome games that work on Android, and are cross-platform with Windows, Mac, and Linux too. Check it out below.

The first Humble Bundle brought a few great games to Android, but this time around all 5 are brand new, never before played on an Android device. Now you can pay one low price and enjoy all 5 games on any of the supported platforms. Awesome right? Here’s the details. To buy all these games one at a time you’ll be spending over $50 bones. Buy them with the Humble Bundle Part 2 where you name your price, and split some of it with charities you’ll get all 4 games. If you donate more than the average person (currently around $5.47) you’ll get all 5 games instead of just 4.

What makes this great is not only the cross-platform gaming, but the option to give almost all of the money you pay for the games right to your favorite charity. You can split it up among the developers, charities, and the creators of the Humble Bundle. It’s pay what you want, how much you want, and what goes to who. The new games consist of:

Canabalt — The indie parkour platformer
Zen Bound 2 — A groundbreaking puzzler game
Cogs — The popular 3D puzzle game
Avadon: The Black Fortress — Fantasy RPG

If you spend more than the average person, you’ll also get a fifth game free in Swords & Soldiers. The awesome side-scrolling strategy game with impressive visuals and vivid colors. It’s just that simple! Support developers, help charities, and enjoy some games. Play them from your computer, phone, tablet, PC, or Linux desktop with ease because you can play them all on any of those platforms. For full details and to buy the Humble Bundle hit the source link below.

[via Humble Bundle]