It’s a rare phenomenon but not totally unheard of. The folks over at Humble Bundle have crafted a pre-holiday package that will keep you occupied and entertained no matter what device you’re on with the Humble Bundle PC and Android 8.

The main bundle is composed of 1 adventure game, two casual games, and 1 “anti-casual” game. “Jack Lumber” is another take on the once-popular Fruit Ninja type of swiping game but also pulls off a few tricks of its own. The player takes on the personality of Jack Lumber who has vowed to avenge his grandmother who was killed by a fallen tree. Swipe through logs to strip the whole forest bare, but beware logs that bear sticky gifts. The insanely named “AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! — for the Awesome” is kind of a running game, but one that turns around the perspective and the orientation of genre. You are a daredevil jumping down from tall buildings to meet the ground head on. Along the way you get to avoid obstacles and pick up bonus points but you must also remember that gravity can play a part in your success or death.


“Gemini Rue” puts you in the middle of a mystery adventure involving two seemingly unrelated story plots of a former assassin looking for his brother and an inmate suffering from prison-imposed amnesia. “Little Inferno” injects a dose of satire into the casual game genre by applying the overused game mechanics of gaining points to exchange for coins for buying more stuff. But this time, that stuff is burned in a fireplace just to keep you warm.


As always, there are rewards to be gained if you pay more than current average. In this bundle, you get access to two more games. “Anomaly 2” might be familiar to those who have heard of its debut on Android last month. As the number suggests, this game is the sequel to the “reverse tower defense” hit Anomaly Warzone Earth, which puts you in charge of the invasion rather than the defense. “Hero Academy” is a two-player turn-based strategy game, pretty much like chess with a twist. Humble Bundle notes that a Robot Entertainment account is required to play this game online with others.

The current average to beat is $3.97, but that’s sure to rise before the bundle is over, which happens in 13 days. As with previous bundles, there might be even more goods to be announced later on.

SOURCE: Humble Bundle