Some might be tired of hearing it, but there’s another Humble Bundle campaign going on. This time it’s another cross-platform bunch, covering both PC, via Steam, and Android devices. All DRM-free, pay what you want games, including the newly released Anomaly Defenders and the horrifyingly hilarious Surgeon Simulator.

Unlike previous Humble Bundles, there are actually three tiers to this package. At the lowest level, when you pay for the minimum, you get four games. Thomas Was Alone is a highly acclaimed indie puzzle platformer that uses different basic shapes to drive the game mechanics of this story-driven game. Bridge Constructor Playground is a physics-based game that fulfills your dreams of being an engineer, or just simply fills your time watching trucks fall to their doom. Cubemen and Cubemen 2 is mix between Tower Defense and Real Time Strategy that can be played both single player and multi-player. And yes, your units are indeed men made out of cubes.

If you pay more than the average, you, of course, get to unlock a few more titles. Small Worlds 2 is based on a hit board game of the same name and puts you in a conquest to help your chosen fantasy race conquer a world that it just too small to accommodate all races. This Humble Bundle version comes with the Royal Bonus DLC that was previously only available to Kickstarter backers. Blackwell, which spans 3 episodes in this bundle, is an adventure game that revolves around the story of reluctant medium Rosa and her cynical ghost guide Joey Mallone.

The third tier can be unlocked if you cough up $11 or more. This tier so far includes only 2 games. Anomaly Defenders is the latest and last sequel to the popular “reverse tower defense” game from 11 bit studios, but this time with an unexpected twist. Those who have bought Surgeon Simulator when it launched on Android just last month might be a bit miffed to see the game now available in a bundle. For those who haven’t read our coverage of its launch, the games puts you in the shoes, or in this case hands, of a hopefully well meaning but absolutely bonkers and graceless surgeon who attempts to perform what is supposed to be life-saving procedures in ways and places you probably shouldn’t even think of.

The Humble Bundle for PC and Android 11 just launched, so there is a good 2 weeks to go before it’s over. That said, the average to beat, which currently stands at $5.84, rises ever so slowly. Of course, if you aim for the highest tier, you naturally unlock that too, which means that you will get access to more games that will get added to the bundle next week.

SOURCE: Humble Bundle


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