The very “tasteful” PC game Surgeon Simulator – a favorite of budding medical practitioners and human body mutilators alike – is finally out on Android via the Google Play Store. Heaven help us, all the surgical maniacs are rejoicing. This very… err, interesting franchise gained cult status when it launched on PC, and now game developers Bossa Studios Ltd. are saying that the Android game should be just as fun.

Going past the blood, gore, and body parts, there is a certain hilarity to the game, and that is why it has become such a hit with fans. The game once again puts the lives of hopeful patients in your “knowledgeable” hands, and you can of course choose to save their lives, or mercilessly butcher them. Your call, really.


It’s certainly not everyone’s cup of tea (*insert gagging here*), but if this is your kind of game, then go for it. The London-based Bossa Studios said that they have relished porting the gameplay to handhelds, and that users will surely have to rely on their nimble fingers. We are pretty sure this is going to be heck difficult.

In addition to the heart and double kidney operations which are a staple in the original game, the Android game brings the more technical – if you want to call it that, but knowing you morbid animals out there, we’re pretty sure you’re gonna love mucking these up – and hideous eye and teeth transplants. Quick, check out the source link – should be a USD$6.99 download for you.

SOURCE: Google Play Store