Hot on the heels of Humble Bundle 14 is (of course) Humble Bundle 15. The guys over at Humble Bundle are getting no rest at all as they continue to churn out deal after deal. This bundle of games is a mobile bundle, meaning that it features Android games on the (very) cheap. Let’s dig in.

Again, Humble Bundle has put a USD$1.00 limit to this bundle, as it has been wont to do these past few weeks. This means that for you to enjoy this bundle, the lowest amount you can give is USD$1.00. That will get you three games – the fun and cartoon-y hack ‘n slash game “Trouserheart”, and the premium versions of “Real Boxing” and “Governor of Poker 2”.


Pay above the average – which is, at time of writing, at USD$4.41 – and you get an additional three more games – “Great Little War Game 2”, “Tiny Guardians”, and “Desert Golfing” – with the promise of additional games to come, as per usual.

The catch here is that when you take all these games together, you will have to pay around USD$350 if you pay at normal price. The premium version of “Real Boxing” is heck expensive. But you get this for as low as USD$1.00. Interested in this bundle? Head on over to the source link below.

[UPDATE] Two games have been added to the “pay more than the average” group — which incidentally right now is at USD$4.32. These are “The Nightmare Cooperative” and “Bean’s Quest”.

SOURCE: Humble Bundle