A new day has arrived, and a new Humble Bundle is out. The guys at Humble Bundle continue to churn out deals for gamers to “pay what you want” and get lots of games in return. If you don’t already know, a lot of the money they raise from these bundled deals go to charity, so pick up your plastic and pay for these games.

We have to tell you again that Humble Bundle has switched to the USD$1.00 lower limit for this bundle again. We guess this is just the way it’s going to be and we’ll all have to live with it. To pay USD$1.00 and get three or more games in return is still a good deal however you look at it. In the “pay a dollar or more” group, you get the book-slash-game “Amelia”, Toy Defense Premium, and the puzzle game One More Line.


The “pay more than the average” group is interesting. It contains the Double Dragon trilogy – all three games on your Android smartphone. Think of all the nostalgia hits you will get. It also includes an RTS called “Autumn Dynasty”, and the critically acclaimed “Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath”, and as usual, with a promise of more games to come. The average as of time of writing is at USD$4.47.


We’re really, really tempted to go for that group with the Double Dragon trilogy and Oddworld. And you never know, they might throw in something interesting with the “more to come” tag. Click on the source link below to purchase this bundle and start gaming.

[UPDATE] Humble Bundle has added “Jones on Fire” and “Muertitos: A Matching Puzzle” to the pay more than the average group, which now stands at USD$4.54.

SOURCE: Humble Bundle