If you’re currently watching Hulu on a mobile device you have a Plus subscription. And while the company is not planning to open the doors entirely, they have announced plans to offer some free content on mobile devices. The specifics remain a mystery at the moment, however Hulu did say this was coming in the “summer” and that it would include “a selection of ad-supported full TV episodes on mobile devices.”

In addition, there was also mention about how Hulu Plus subscribers have topped the 6 million milestone. For reference, that was up from the more than 5 million they had as 2013 came to a close. Current subscribers may be happy to learn there is also more content on the way. A second season of Deadbeat is on the works, as well The Awesomes, Quick Draw and East Los High will all be returning for a second season.

Like it or not, even Hulu Plus subscribers are subject to in-stream advertisements. Hulu has said more than 1650 advertisers have been with them since 2008, and as part of the ever-changing method of advertisements — Hulu is announcing “three new ad experiences” today. These include the in-stream purchase, cross-platform interactive and Hulu 360.

The in-stream purchase option is just as the name would suggest — you’ll be able to place a pick-up or delivery order without leaving Hulu. This will begin later this year with Pizza Hut as the first advertiser. The cross platform advertisements will begin in the summer with Corona Extra. These will be based on an algorithm and served up to the “appropriate audience for the brand.” Last up is the Hulu 360 and these will be serving up advertisements that are specific to the type of device they are being watched on.