It seems 2013 was a good year for Hulu. Or more specifically, for Hulu Plus. The company has shared some numbers and other interesting tidbits, one of which was how they have topped the 5 million mark in terms of subscribers. And interestingly, it was said that more than half of those are streaming exclusively from a mobile device.

Of course, the amount of Hulu Plus subscribers also ties in with the revenue. For this we have heard from CEO Mike Hopkins who has said they will reach $1 billion in revenue this year. Looking in comparison, that is up from $695 million for 2012. Hopkins also touched on how he believes that reaching this milestone in the six years Hulu has been available is “quite an impressive feat.” Hulu originally launched out of beta in 2008.


Perhaps key for the users though — the currently available and the promise of additional content. To that point, Hulu and Hulu Plus now has content available from 488 partners with 86,000 TV episodes and 2,900 TV series making for a total of 68,000 hours worth of video. While Hulu has content from five of the six top US broadcast networks, they are also focusing on original content as well.

In fact, Hulu launched more than 20 originals in 2013. Current shows include The Awesomes, Behind the Mask and The Wrong Mans, but looking forward, there was mention of doubling the amount of Hulu Originals. Details here suggest they are planning to double the original content “over the next few years.”

VIA: Engadget

SOURCE: Hulu Blog