Xiaomi isn’t exactly going on a new direction but the Chinese OEM founded by the Brazilian computer genius who was a former Google executive just showed off a robot. It’s a Transformers-like robot that is actually a Mi Pad 2. You can say it’s a toy robot because Xiaomi has been working with Hasbro on this one. Barra shared the news that the Mi Pad 2 can be converted into a robot.

The two new partners, Hasbro and Xiaomi, are crowdfunding this tablet-slash-robot. It’s not a ready-made product yet but this robot called ‘Soundwave’ will soon be available for only $26 (169 yuan) in China. If you think the name ‘Soundwave’ is familiar, it is a real Transformers character. It’s actually a Deception that transforms into a microcassette. Obviously, the microcassette is a thing of the past but changing into a tablet makes it more modern. Unfortunately, it’s not really a working tablet.

In case you didn’t know, Hasbro owns the Transformers franchise so we can say this is an official Transformers merchandise. Xiaomi tweeted “There’s more to Mi than meets the eye” and this Mi Pad 2 can certainly transform into a robot. A slimmer version of Mi Pad 2 at only 7mm can turn into a 3D robot after 30 steps. A Research and Development group worked hard together so that robot will have the same color and details as the original Mi Pad 2.

Transformers Mi Pad 2 Soundwave Xiaomi Hasbro

Xiaomi and Hasbro launched a crowdfunding campaign to know if there are people interested in Soundwave. Pre-orders can now be taken for the Transformers Mi Pad 2. It’s very affordable at $26 so it’s not surprising that the target amount has been reached about three times over already. The Mi Pad 2 Transformer is said to be delivered beginning May 13.

Oh by the way, here’s how the original Soundwave looks like:

Soundwave Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 Transformers robot convertible
Close enough?

VIA: Gizmodo

SOURCE: Hugo Barra, Xiaomi