Over at XDA we are always finding good things. Today I’ve found a Wallpaper and Launcher Dock Gallery full of good wallpapers. If your like us and enjoy changing your wallpaper, or the look of your dock often then this will definitely be for you. XDA member modelstudent has been collecting all the good high quality wallpapers, and docks he can find. He has been kind enough to load them all into one Gallery and upload it to Dropbox for all of us to enjoy. Stop over at his thread to download all of them now, and don’t forget to Thank him.

His collection includes about 500 wallpapers and almost 700 unique images for your dock/app drawer for ADW or Launcher Pro. Modelstudent said he is adding more and more every few days. So check back often as he is always adding to his collection. This is an easy way to customize your Android phone and give it that personal feel you’ve been wanting. After all Android is the best selling Mobile OS, beating iPhone in total number of users. Now that everyone you know is starting to have an Android phone, now is the time to customize your Android so it feels more personal.

[via XDA-Developers]