Could Huawei be working on a laptop? If true, then it’s probably to compete with its closest rival Xiaomi who is already prepping the Linux OS-powered laptop, due Q2 2016. While it make take a long time before Android running on Windows or Mac makes it big in the computer world, it makes more sense to produce Dual OS booting or machines. You know, those that can load both Android and Windows. If not, we can just settle for 2-in-1 machines like a tablet that can be converted into a laptop.

Rumor has it that Huawei is working on a new hybrid laptop PC (tablet plus keyboard). We’ve seen a lot of models already but nothing as powerful yet running Windows 10 and Android OS with EMUI. Huawei may not exactly be entering the standalone laptop category but a 2-in-1 can be more practical. We’re guessing maybe something like the Surface Pro plus the power of Android.

We’re still taking this with a grain of salt but a hybrd laptop PC-tablet from Huawei will be more than welcome. Whatever product the Chinese company is working on, we’re just glad that it’s venturing outside the mobile phone game and expanding to other categories. The world needs more brands to deliver affordable yet highly-specced products.

VIA: Gizmochina, Weibo