Huawei Watch

It’s almost two weeks ago when Huawei revealed the new Huawei Watch GT 3. The HarmonyOS 2.1-powered smartwatch mainly offers health and fitness tracking features. It’s not the ultimate health watch from the brand but it’s been working on one that can do medical-grade blood pressure readings. It will come with an inflatable cuff to achieve accuracy like never before. It will be possible with the upcoming Huawei smartwatch with an improved blood pressure tracker. With this feature, we can consider the watch as a medical grade device for everyone to use.

The launch of the Huawei smartwatch may be before 2021 ends. With this possibility, we can expect other OEMs will also follow with similar features and readings.

Apart from the blood pressure tracker, there is also a medical-grade electrocardiogram (ECG) to check the heart rhythms of a person. It can be used to detect Atrial fibrillation (AFib). Early detection can help in fixing what’s wrong to possibly reduce the risks of heart failure, stroke, and other heart-related health problems.

Huawei’s new technologies aren’t final and official yet. They need to go through clinical trials first. Guangdong Food and Drug Administration may need to check such devices for approval for commercial use.

Health tracking features are relatively reliable but they are not accurate. Diagnosis using such devices may not be right. They are just there to give the users an idea. A lot of areas and tech can still be improved though especially in terms of accuracy.

Approval may even depend on the market or region. Not all devices may be approved to work in a specific country but for Huawei, its Huawei watches can be used in Europe and China. A new watch may be able to read SpO2, blood oxygen, and even blood pressure reading so let’s wait and see.