The top Chinese OEM has announced the Honor View10 last week together with the Honor 7X in the United States. It is the first phone to be released by Huawei as an official brand in the country. Huawei may be having problems with releasing phones through American carriers but it is good to know that anyone in the US can buy a phone from a tech giant that is expected to rival both Samsung and Apple.

Huawei wants to make things even better by launching updates for the Honor View 10. New features and enhancements can be expected to start with the face unlock, smart rotate, intelligent screen on, and the face unlock. The latter on the View 10 is fast and secure. What’s good is that the smartphone knows when the device is picked up. It “sees” your face and checks to see if correct so it can quickly unlock the phone.

‘Smart Rotate’ knows the position of the phone so it can adjust depending on the orientation and your preference. There’s also the ‘Intelligent Screen On’ that checks your eyes when you are looking at the screen. The features knows when to suspend screen timeout or those dim triggers.