As the top Chinese phone manufacturer today, Huawei won’t stop announcing new devices. We’ve been waiting for the Mate 9 and expected it would be announced at the IFA 2016 but there’s nothing. We said it’s already being prepped after all the rumors, leaks, and early listings. We know a new flagship is about to be unveiled but looks like the Huawei Mate 9 will arrive in not just two but three variants.

The premium Huawei Mate 9 smartphone is said to come with a whopping 6GB RAM and 256GB built-in storage. That seems very powerful but as you know, a high RAM doesn’t always fulfill its promise. This 6GB RAM Huawei Mate 9 set in Black will be sold for about $700 (CNY 4,700) and will come equipped with a 6-inch screen, Kirin 960, dual-camera system, 12MP sensors, 4K recording, 8MP front-facing cam.

Two 4GB RAM models will be available in either 64GB or 12GB. The 64GB model will be out with a $480 (3,200 CNY) price tag in Gold, Graphite, or White. The Pink or Brown 128GB variant of the HUawei Mate 9 will cost $550 (3,700 CNY) which is already expensive.

We have no information on official release yet but expect to hear more about pricing and availability in the coming days.