Huawei is not backing out of the US market. The top Chinese OEM will continue selling smartphones in the country despite the resistance of retailers and carriers, no thanks to the urging of the government over security and privacy concerns. Huawei is firm in saying that there shouldn’t be an issue so it’s not giving up its mobile business in the region–not yet. The phone is still available at some online retailers but we heard Best Buy will stop selling Huawei smartphones in the US. At the moment, you can still buy the Huawei Mate 10 Pro from Amazon, B&H Photo, Newegg, and Best Buy.

Amazon currently sells the Huawei Mate 10 Pro for $649.99. It’s the unlocked unit complete with a 6-inch display, 6GB RAM, AI processor, 128GB onboard storage, dual Leica camera system, and IP67 water-resistant rating. The phone is also available in Titanium Gray with the same price while the Diamond Black edition costs $1,200 with its 256GB onboard memory.

The $649 price tag is discounted from the original $800 pricing. A couple of weeks ago, Amazon brought down the price to $699.

B&H Photo and Best Buy are also now selling the unlocked Mate 10 Pro for $649. Newegg sells the phone as well but with a higher price tag of $799.99. We’re guessing the latter will be changed in the coming weeks since the device recently received a price cut on the other retailers.

SOURCE: Amazon, B&H, Best Buy, Newegg