Last week, we reported that the Huawei Honor 8 will be getting regular software updates, at least, for the next two years. That is good news for those mobile consumers who recently purchased the decently priced smartphone or those planning to buy one and use it as their main phone. It’s good that the No. 1 Chinese OEM announced this detail because customers need to know how long they can use the smartphone.

The challenge with having an Android-powered device is being clueless whether the latest software update will be available. That’s a problem that most phone manufacturers are trying to address. Huawei wants to begin by letting the industry know its commitment to bring regular updates.

Huawei further strengthened its commitment to deliver new features to products by promising customers regular updates. It has officially sent out a policy as a “commitment to provide customers with access to new features”. It covers at least two years (24 months) after launch of each product. The company also said it will continue to offer security and software updates to fix possible bugs as much as possible.

The coverage isn’t exclusive to exactly two years. Updates may still be received beyond the period as necessary. All these and more allow consumers to receive excellent Honor device experience all the time. The Honor 5X is also now covered by this policy. It joins the Honor 8 in having this privilege.

SOURCE: Huawei Honor